Information sessions

SAPRI England offers two different information sessions regarding the actuality: ‘Online Privacy’ and ‘Cyberbullying’. Through interactivity and a good connection with the target group, SAPRI England makes the difference!


What about your online privacy? Are you safe? Do the ‘Online privacy’ check!


A lot of secondary schools are not familiar with the way of adapting the bullying protocol. SAPRI England helps you!

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SAPRI England is a fast-growing organisation. We are looking for serious, enthusiastic and flexible co-workers to strengthen our team. Are you enjoying to stand in front of a class? Do you feel attracted by these subjects? Apply now!


The founders of SAPRI

Responses at the information sessions

It is informative and inspires the pupils!

Marijke Benetictus, De Groene Welle

Pupils are made aware of the risks of using the internet.

Adrienne Heemstra, De Groene Welle

Great initiative. It is visible that the subject appeals to the pupils.

Gerwin van Drewel, Ichthus College

Cyberbullying has a bigger impact than I thought.

Pupil, Carmel College Salland

Perfectly done! Educational, fun and alternate.

Jeroen Booijink, Carmel College Salland